Saturday, 22 October 2011

Heading for LA baby!

Hi all

Thought I should catch up on the old blogging front. It's been a busy few days.

We left you after seeing the salvation army at work. Well we were going to ride a cable car that night, but our brilliant host Claire invited us to her home in Pacifica where we met her friends. They took us on a tour of some stunning sights such as twin peaks, which we missed on the go car tour because of the cold. (I'll add the photos of that later when I upload them from the camera.) We then headed to the mission district where we had an amazing dinner in a Southern Indian restaurant. Julie and I both had Dosa which if you have never had I can recommend. For those of you in Nottingham I have already checked and there is a restaurant on Broad St serving it. After dinner we went for a walk in the mission district. It was great day where we got to see the real San Francisco with residents. If anything it made me want to move here even more. Claire, Eleanor and Jessica "Byrd" thank you for one of the most enjoyable days of my life.

On Thursday we rose early and went to Alcatraz which is one of those attractions where it was interesting but I know I will never do it again. Julie and I then went to fisherman's wharf or pier 39. Again won't mind if I never go again. ( think Skegness on steroids!) We then went to the Ghirardelli chocolate factory and shared a sundae. Hmmmmmmnnn.

We then rode the cable car back. I stood on the running board all the way and I have to say it was a lot of fun. There would be photos but J is not the most agile of people or great with a camera so didn't want to jump out at one of the stops to take the pic! Seriously, if you come to San Francisco you absolutely have to ride a cable car.

We had an earthquake here in the bay area yesterday centred on Berkeley but we felt it here. The official guidance tells you if you are outside to move away from tall buildings.


This morning we went on a walking tour of San Francisco's architecture. This was something I picked but we both enjoyed it immensely. Our guide Rick Evans was extremely passionate and knowledgeable.

So San Francisco round one done. Here we sit awaiting our Virgin America flight to LAX. We are staying in the airport Hilton tonight and picking up the car tomorrow. What's tomorrow bringing I hear you cry. Hollywood baby, Hollywood!

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Location:Terminal 2 San Francisco Airport

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